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We specialize in various types of foundation and basement crack repair which includes I-Brace reinforcement, which is the process of installing steel I-beams with engineered brackets that apply load against the foundation and prevent further movement. The I-Brace is used when walls have an inward deflection in excess of 2 inches.

We also use carbon fibre reinforcement. In this process, we grind the surface of the wall to remove any dirt/debris to ensure proper adhesion. We then mix an epoxy and glue the carbon fibre strips to the wall and install top and bottom mounting brackets. Once the epoxy has cured, the straps become unstretchable, which means no further movement can occur. This method is used when your basement foundation has 2 inches of deflection or less.

We also replace foundations that are not just cracked, but are beyond repair. This method is much more in depth. The structure needs to be lifted for the old foundation to be removed. We then install the new foundation and waterproofing system. After this is complete, the house sits back down on the new foundation and all utilities are reconnected.

Below are some of the many benefits that basement foundation and crack repair has to offer:


  • Cost effective way to stabilize a failing foundation

  • Eliminates need for costly foundation replacement

  • Increases property value

  • More deflection tolerance


Carbon Fibre

  • Cost effective

  • Excellent tensile strength

  • Saves space compared to other methods

  • Increases property value


Foundation Replacement

  • New durable poured concrete foundation

  • Gains usable space

  • Insulated (ICF) foundation

  • New, top quality drain system

  • Increased property value

Do you need basement foundation and crack repair? Floodbusters is near you in Digby, Yarmouth, the Annapolis Valley, Hants and Kings counties. Please contact us to find out how we can help you!

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